26 May 2009

ODTUG Sneak Preview, the dressed rehearsal

On Monday, June 15 there will be a sneak preview of the upcoming ODTUG Kaleidoscope Conference. Some of the European speakers (that is Belgian and Dutch) will be doing their presentation. I'm just guessing here, but I can imagine that the presentation will be in Dutch.

The presentation that will take place are:

  • Aino Andriessen (AMIS Services) - ADF Development: More tales from the Trenches

  • Lonneke Dikmans (Approach Alliance) - Top Ten Tips: Best Practices for Designing Services, Events, and Business Processes

  • Olivier Dupont (iAdvise) – APEX at the Belgium airport

  • Dimitri Gielis (APEX Evangelists) – Mastering an APEX page

  • Roel Hartman (Logica) – How to integrate APEX and Oracle Forms?

  • Lucas Jellema (AMIS Services) - Truth and Dare—The Story of How an Oracle Classic Stronghold Successfully Embraced SOA

  • Toon Koppelaars – Fat databases: A layered approach

  • Ronald van Luttikhuizen (Approach Alliance) - Customer case: Implementing SOA in a database-centric environment

  • Alex Nuijten (AMIS Services) – SQL Holmes – The case of the missing performance

Last year we did a similar Sneak Preview which was a great success. If you want to attend then register early, seating is limited. Oh, and did I already mention that this session is free?
More information and registration can be found in the Agenda via the AMIS homepage.


  1. Hi alex,

    First time i visited your blog its nice you started blog in order to help others.Its really good of you sharing knowledge.Can you mail me SQL & PL-SQL student guides provided by oracle university(not user guides).

    Hope you send them.


  2. Thank you for your comment, KK.
    First of all the distribution of Oracle University material is prohibited, and second: why do you think that I have these? If you want the Oracle University Course material, follow a course with Oracle University... ;)
    The best way to learn SQL and PL/SQL (I think) is to get a few good books (e.g. Feuerstein and Kyte). Read them. Participate in online Forums (OTN: SQL and PL/SQL Forum )

  3. hi,

    i actually asked you for those books,hoping you would have them.Actually wanted to learn in depth through those books.Here in India books and course is costly.

    Anyways thanks for your suggestion and alex iam already an prolific member in OTN forums.

  4. sorry to disappoint you...
    All Oracle documentation is free, and a good reference site is tahiti.oracle.com which allows you to search across different version of Oracle.
    Good that you are a member on OTN! There are a lot of good people on that forum, I learn a lot from them on a daily basis!

  5. Thanks for your warm response alex.