03 November 2010

Change SYSDATE for testing

This morning I had some free time, so I was playing around with a little APEX 4 plugin. Probably the most simple plugin that you can imagine, but that is not what this post is about, or at least not mainly.
The plugin shows the current date (or I should say: sysdate) as a region on an APEX page.

01 November 2010

Edition Based Redefinition and USER_OBJECTS_AE

Last week the Oracle PL/SQL Programming (OPP) and APEXposed conference took place in Brussels, Belgium.

My session was on Edition Based Redefinition, the killer feature of the Oracle 11g Release 2 database. One of my demo's showed what a procedure looks like when you override it in a newer edition from the datadictionary standpoint.
In earlier releases of the Oracle database it was not possible to have two procedures (or any other object as a matter of fact) with the same name in the same database schema.
With Edition Based Redefinition you can have two procedures with the same name, as long as they are in different Edtions.
For this demo I will use the new datadictionary view USER_OBJECTS_AE.