29 November 2011

APEX: Make a report row clickable in Report

When you create a "Report with Form", there will be an icon in the report which allows you to navigate to  the form page. Only when the user clicks the icon this navigation will take place. For the current project, this was not what they wanted. They wanted to click on the row instead of just the icon. This can be simply implemented using jQuery.

07 November 2011

Upgrade to APEX 4.1: Invalid Login Credentials

Always a good idea to upgrade on a Friday.. not... In the past I did numerous upgrades to the latest APEX release, and never really encountered big problems. It was always very smooth, kudos to the APEX-team. If something went wrong it was mostly my own fault, which I will admit now. Because of the history of going very smoothly, I dare to do an upgrade on Friday morning. And it did go smoothly, the upgrade to APEX 4.1 ... until...