06 August 2010

Birthday Gift from Oracle: Ace Director

Yesterday was my birthday which usually starts off by being woken up by my children showering me with drawings they made. Yesterday was no exception.
I also got an email from Oracle, a nice one I might add.

I'm happy to inform you that your Oracle ACE Director nomination submitted by ------- has been accepted. The next step is confirming your understanding of Oracle's expectation as well as confirming the support of your company/management to participate.

As requested by my nominator in this matter, the name has been left out. Thank you for nominating me - you know who you are. :)

05 August 2010

APEX 4.0: Removing Plugins

Just a quick note so I won't forget, and maybe help you along the way.
A little while ago I created my first APEX 4.0 plugin, which was a nice learning experience. Removing a plugin is (or at least to me) not as obvious as you might think.
This blog entry is about removing an installed plugin.