21 April 2009

Copy and Paste: Clipboard Items

By accident I discovered something in SQL Developer. Another one of those things I need to remember for future reference. Hope you can use this feature too.

You know you can use CTRL + C for copying and CTRL + V for pasting. Nothing new there, but what is really neat is that you can use SHIFT + CTRL + V to see the contents of all your clipboard items.

Because I needed to do a lot of copying today, this came in really handy.


  1. maybe that can explain why some of the paste I've done started pasting things I did not copy, or at least do not remember to copy.
    I find the latest version to be extremely weird in that. I'm pasting a table name and end up with "group by" few rows below...

  2. Niva, thank you for your comment. The "group by" is automatically added (since SQL Developer 2.1) whenever you use an aggregate in the query. There is a setting that influences this behaviour.
    Tools --> Preferences --> Code Editor --> Completion Insight. There is a checkbox labeled "Autogenerate GROUP BY clause". When you uncheck this the automatic Group By won't happen anymore.

  3. the only problem with this technique, is the fact of cause a little problem call it "term anteposicition", this happen when a term used to define something copy the pattern of something totally different.