07 April 2010

Oracle 11gR2: Editions and SQL Developer

I know the correct term is Edition Based Redefinition, but that would make the title of this blog post a bit too long.
Over the last weekend Oracle 11gR2 was released on the Windows platform, good news for me. On my laptop I run Windows so I could finally upgrade my demo database from Release 1 to Release 2. I had been doing demo's with a virtual machine, which was ok. Like the one I did last year during the Planboard Symposium
While I was preparing for that presentation, the support for Edition Based Redefinition was added to SQL Developer 2.1, at least that's what the New Features stated. But since March 1st there is SQL Developer 2.1.1 which does have support for Edition Based Redefinition.
This blogpost is not going to explain Edition Based Redefinition in detail, but will show you the support that SQL Developer has for Edition Based Redefinition.