06 August 2010

Birthday Gift from Oracle: Ace Director

Yesterday was my birthday which usually starts off by being woken up by my children showering me with drawings they made. Yesterday was no exception.
I also got an email from Oracle, a nice one I might add.

I'm happy to inform you that your Oracle ACE Director nomination submitted by ------- has been accepted. The next step is confirming your understanding of Oracle's expectation as well as confirming the support of your company/management to participate.

As requested by my nominator in this matter, the name has been left out. Thank you for nominating me - you know who you are. :)


  1. Hi.

    Happy birthday and well done with the ACED. Well deserved in my opinion.



    PS. Was it me who sent that card with Timmy on it? :)

  2. Gefeliciteerd! Dat zijn nog eens leuke verjaardagscadeautjes ;-)

  3. Thank you. Yes, I was spoiled on my birthday.
    (as you may have guessed my son's name is Tim)

  4. Even vanuit de bergen in Zwitserland: goed nieuws! En ook nog gefeliciteerd!


  5. Gefeliciteerd met dit succes.

  6. gefeliciteerd, Alex...
    beetje laat, sorry... Maar even goed bedoeld... Ik vroeg me al af hoe lang het nog ging duren :-)

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