11 July 2013

Reading the Oracle Documentation the Easy Way

Personally I don't like reading documentation from my computer, I prefer to have a "real" book. So when Oracle 12c came out I wanted to read the New Features guide and the Concepts guide again, but the fact that I would have to read it off my computer screen stopped me from really reading it... Skimming the topics was as best as it got.
Of course I could download the PDF's and read it off my e-reader, but I never got around to that.
Yesterday Jeroen Evers told me an easier way (and thus getting rid of all my lame excuses) to read the documentation. The tip was hiding in plain sight, but I never noticed it.
Navigate to the Oracle Documentation Library (link at the bottom of this post) and choose the guide that you want to read, but choose the HTML version of it.
On the top of the page on the right-hand side there are several options, like PDF, Mobi and epub.

From my iPad I chose epub and the guide will be placed in iBooks, making it a lot easier to read:


All the Oracle Documentation
Oracle 12c Documentation Library


  1. If I browse on Chrome then it gives me an unknown file type error!

    1. I don't have Chrome on my iPad so can't reproduce.