02 October 2011

Oracle Open World 2011; Unstructured Data and Multimedia SIG

Oracle Open World is underway. My first session, which I didn't plan, was on Unstructured Data. There is a lot of unstructured data going around, as opposed to relational data, and it will only increase in the future. The number of images and videos will only increase in the future. Especially for this, Marcelle Kratochvil is putting together an Oracle Unstructured Data with Multimedia SIG, just to spread the word on unstructured data and multimedia. She even put up a website (to be moved in the future) with white papers, preseentations, and links to other useful information. This site can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/ommuds/home. Head over there and check it out. She also showed some very nice examples of customers using multimedia. Unfortunately I had to leave at this time. Even though I didn't plan on attending this session, it was very interesting - too bad I had to leave for a different session, but I will surely be investigating more on unstructured data.

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