16 December 2010

My First UKOUG - day two and three

Why can I never find the time to write my blogs?... Anyway, long overdue, here is my report from my first UKOUG conference. If you want to know what I did the first day, check out this link.
As I mentioned before the program is awesome, lots of very good speakers and very interesting subjects. It's quite hard to pick and choose the sessions. So what did I do the second and third day there?

On the second I arrived late for the sessions, running into the room at 08:45 when the session was starting,... well starting, not really. The speaker, Martin Widlake on "My SQL is suddenly performing badly and nothing has changed", was even later than I was. All in all, the session was not very good. The content was good, but he kept rushing through it. At least he agrees himself.
The next session was on APEX and GIS mapping. I like APEX. I like Spatial. The combination would be great. It was a very generic presentation of what is needed to get everything up and running. Nice session by Marin Huljev and Dalibor Kusic.
Sue Harper showed the new features of SQL Developer Data Modeler. It's always very enjoyable to see Sue present. I've seen her present multiple times, and her demo's sometimes do different things than she expects. That doesn't matter, she always recovers really well. If you want to know about the new features - like Subversion support - and listen to Sue explaining them, follow this link.
Randolf Geist did an excellent session on Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting. It's too much information to cover in a small blog like this one.
Even though Hall 5 was very cold, the two sessions I added there were worth while. Tanel Poder did a session on performance tuning and troubleshooting. A lot of the methods and scripts were also covered by Randolf Geist, but that didn't matter. A very good session.
Chris Roderick had a session there called "Oracle Performance Through Understanding". He works for Cern and they deal with a lot of data. And I really mean a lot!
Therefor getting the design of your application right and optimized for performance is key. He explained the concepts well and gave some pointers.
Edition Based Redefinition is one of the killer features of the Oracle 11g Release 2 database, on which I have presented and written a few times before, and I'm always interested to hear what other people cover when they talk about this feature. Melanie Caffrey had a session on this feature, based on a case study. It still amazes me how wonderful the functionality is...
Last session of UKOUG - lots of people were already leaving home because of the weather conditions (and some returned because of the weather conditions) - that I attended was by Christian Antognini on Transaction Management Internals. Even though I'm a "hardcore" developer I have this fascination with the internal workings of Oracle and I really enjoyed this session. Finally I understand why and how Delayed Block Cleanout works :)

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