06 October 2009

OPP 5: The Big Fat Book on PL/SQL

Yesterday I got the fifth edition of "Oracle PL/SQL Programming" by Steven Feuerstein. Another 1200+ pages on PL/SQL. This edition has been updated to cover versions through Oracle 11gR2.
It is loaded with the latest on Oracle PL/SQL Programming, hence the title.
When I started programming in PL/SQL I had a great mentor. When I told him I had a hard time writing PL/SQL, he advised me to get Feuerstein's book (the second edition was just out).
Immediately I loved it, couldn't put it down. I dragged this book everywhere. Reading it in the traffic jam on my way to work, reading it before I went to sleep. By the time I finished that book, people at work started asking me questions about PL/SQL. Next to my copy of the Second Edition are also the Third and the Fourth edition. And now, I need to clear some space on the shelve, the fifth edition will take it's place soon. After I'm finished reading it.
I'm sure this book is a must have for anyone who uses PL/SQL on a daily basis.

I did mention in an earlier blogpost that I was reviewing some chapters for an upcoming book, well it was this book. And needless to say I'm very proud that I was mentioned in the preface. But I have to say I just submitted the first errata. Not a biggie, but still... My lastname in the book was spelled Nuitjen, while it should be Nuijten. Oh well...

Update 22-10-2009:
My friend and colleague Patrick Barel pointed out that Google knows who I am ;)

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  1. At least your first name was spelled correctly. And did I mention my name was spelled correctly?