06 December 2008

On my own

In 2004 I started working for AMIS Services BV, my current employer, and they started with something "new"...blogging.
AMIS is all about sharing knowledge so a Technology Blog was the thing to have.
Everybody in the company was asked to write a contribution for the company blog.
My first entry on the blog was on Tora, an Open Source tool. You can find that entry by clicking here.
It was blog number 119, as you can see in the URL. Yesterday afternoon I wrote another blog on the AMIS Technology site on Subquery Factoring in Oracle 11gR1. The counter is currently at 4252... or it was yesterday afternoon.

Sometimes it is hard to find something that I have written, so I decided to startup my own blog. ....just to keep my notes together.
The other day someone asked me something about a blog I had written, and to be honest I was quite convinced that I haven't written about that subject. He showed me the contrary...
I'm getting older, memory starts to go... Hopefully this will make it easier to remember things. And maybe, just maybe you might find it useful too. If you do, leave a comment. If you don't, leave a comment too. It nice to see someone else actually reading this stuff.


  1. Finally you started your own blog. If you're going to be as busy on this blog as on the AMIS blog, then I won't have too much to read ;-)

  2. Hi Alex,

    Good to see you started your own blog. And your second post is a very interesting one, so keep it up!


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