18 March 2009

Display Images with SQL Developer

Images can be stored as a BLOB in the database. SQL Developer can show them as well.

Step 1) Create a Table to store the image in
create table t
(img blob);

Step 2) Upload an Image

Choose an image from your file system, and commit your changes.

Step 3) On the "Data" tab, click the "..." button with the BLOB column.

Step 4) In the dialog box, check the "View as Image" box

And that's it... Looks a lot better than SQL*Plus would display images :)
SQL> select img
2 from t
3 /
SP2-0678: Column or attribute type can not be displayed by SQL*Plus


  1. I have created a counter blog entry to check whether PL/SQL Developer does the same. And of course it does.
    Read the entry here: http://bar-solutions.com/wordpress/?p=318

  2. Excellent, thanks for the little tutorial.